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Tish Norman: Turning the Page on 2020 with Gratitude

Tish Norman is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and is the Executive Director of Transforming Leaders Now, Inc., an educational consulting company specializing in college & career readiness, women’s leadership, and the African-American experience. Check out her thoughts on turning the page on 2020! Tish is available to speak with your college community for Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and much more! Link:

Michael A. Smith: What changes can we make within Fraternity/Sorority Life to be relevant for Gen Z?

Welcome to episode # 108 of Fraternity Foodie! Today our guest is Michael A. Smith, Assistant Dean for Student Engagement at Newberry College in South Carolina. Michael and I recently spoke at the AFA Annual Meeting on Recruiting and Retaining Gen Z, which was a great pairing for us since we were able to share our two perspectives as a Gen X and as a Millennial. We find out why Michael attended Coastal Carolina University for his undergraduate experience, what was special about Delta Chi Fraternity on that campus, what he learned being on the IFC and as a student coordinator for the Fraternity & Sorority Life office, the most difficult parts of his Doctorate program that he is currently enrolled in, how he is able to build a sense of community on campus at Newberry, the student responses to the pandemic, how we should advertise student organizations differently to Gen Z over Millennials, how we should change the new member education process, the technology tools he is using on campus to make life easier for students and administrators, and his favorite restaurants in Newberry. Enjoy! Link:

Hazing: The History, The Law, Getting Unstuck, and Replacement Activities

At the AFA Virtual Annual Meeting earlier this month, we had four Greek University speakers create a new presentation on Hazing Prevention. So, with episode #107 of Fraternity Foodie, we share this presentation given by Hank Nuwer, Dr. Jason L. Meriwether, Jamie Devin Wilson, and Mike Ayalon with our listening audience for anyone who missed the live program. Link:

Miss America – Camille Schrier: How can we help with Drug Safety & Abuse Prevention?

Welcome to episode # 106 of Fraternity Foodie! We have a big treat for all of our loyal listeners today – Miss America, Camille Schrier! Camille is a Kappa Delta from Virginia Tech, and she openly shares about body image issues, mental health disorders, and how we can help to end the opioid crisis in America. We find out why she chose Virginia Tech, why she is so passionate about science, why Kappa Delta was the right choice for her, why it was important to do the science experiment as the talent competition on Miss America, the feeling she got when she won Miss America, how we can help to change the culture on social media so that body image issues are not as prevalent, advice to college students that are struggling with mental health disorders, why Naloxone is important to have widespread in our communities, what it’s like to hold the title of Miss America for two years instead of the typical one year, and her favorite foods. Enjoy and share! Link: