Marjorie Hope: Why is connecting different nations so important today?

Marjorie Hope graduated from Salisbury University and obtained post graduate certifications from the London School of Economics, and Harvard University. As a competitive gymnast, she owned and operated a large gymnastics school, embracing the synergy between mind, body, and spirit while incorporating the importance of being “fit for life” and that “more is possible”. In 2016 she founded America Connected, an international non-partisan, non-profit organization teaching people around the world how to connect through cultural diplomacy. They embrace an entirely non-partisan, non-political and proactive approach to bringing people of the world closer together and discovering that they share much more in common than what separates them.

In episode 440 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Marjorie chose Salisbury University for her undergraduate experience, what is the significance of gymnastics in promoting health, why it’s important for college students to create circles in their life, whether social media is a connector or a disconnector, what students should do if they see a red flag from someone they are connected to on social media, what does America Connected do, what we should do if we see political divisions in groups that we belong to, why the family dinner is so important, and why connecting different nations is so important. Enjoy!