Consulting Services

Our Mission: We provide University students, Fraternity members, Sorority members, and Alumni volunteers with engaging experiences that facilitate intellectual, civic, and leadership development while promoting a sense of community and enhancing the educational mission of the University.

University Keynote Speeches

Includes up to 5 hours total on campus for additional meetings, dinners, or receptions. The keynote speeches are typically held in large lecture halls on campus.


Chapter Workshops, Greek Retreats, Officer Transition

Typically for smaller groups, including individual chapters or student leadership groups. Classroom setting or outdoor settings.


Council Reboot Services

Anywhere from 1 to 5 days of council planning and training.


Chapter Membership Reviews

Anywhere from 1 day to 5 days for deeper chapter issues. Coordination, training, and educating.


Hazing Problem Analysis and Investigation Training

Recent project: Mike Ayalon and Tish Norman helped to conduct a virtual hazing investigation and membership review for a local sorority in Pennsylvania, including recommendations and guidance for next steps with university faculty and staff.


Title IX Process and Policy Review

Our expert team is available for policy development, process review, and benchmarking work, including reviewing state and federal laws and identifying procedural gaps for institutions and stakeholders. We support, edit, write, or develop Equal Opportunity policies, Title IX policies and/or gender-based misconduct processes.


Engaging Student Organizations

Recent project: Edson O'Neale working with NPHC at the University of Tampa on engagement, as well as work ethic, perception, and pride.


Problem Solving

Higher ed pros with decades of experience will analyze your issues and develop solutions.


Advisor Training

We'll work to train the chapter director and other advisors to ensure ongoing support after our consulting work has concluded.


Team Building

Our team building activities are exciting, mentally stimulating, and designed specifically for your chapter, board, administration, or team of executives.


DEI Assessments

Capture the information your organization needs to develop data-driven DEI strategies. From demographic representation to experience with inclusion, we help our clients collect data and establish DEI metrics. Then, educate leaders and teams to better understand how to leverage DEI for organizational performance.


Recruitment Coaching with AI

Using tools such as AI, we will work with chapter leadership and membership to develop a recruitment and retention plan. This includes names list construction, PNM evaluations and stack rankings at scale using AI, brother and alumni matching to PNMs for higher bid acceptance rates, overcoming PNM objections, recruitment event development and execution, social media and print content creation.

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