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    Learn more about Greek University!

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    Mike Ayalon speaks on Hazing Prevention, Sexual Assault Prevention, and Alcohol/Drug Abuse Prevention

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    Christy Brooks speaks on Suicide Prevention and Self Harm

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    Edson O'Neale speaks on Bullying & Vulnerability

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    Hank Nuwer speaks on Hazing Prevention

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    Joseph Thompson speaks on Healthy Masculinity

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    Lauren Crumbaker speaks on Sorority and Fraternity Recruitment

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    Laurie Weidner speaks on Strategic Communications and Reputation Management

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    Dr. Louis Profeta speaks on Sex, Drugs, Drinking and Dying, and also What Colleges/Students Need to Know About Covid-19

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    Robert Wilson speaks on Mastering Inclusion and Creating Space for Courageous Conversations

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    Thea Zunick, Ed.D. speaks on Emotional Intelligence, Navigating Change, Resiliency, and Advancement of Fraternal Leadership

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    Tricia Benitez speaks on Addictions and Healthy Relationships

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    Zach Westerbeck speaks on Mental Health

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  • Harry Stone: How can recent graduates and new professionals work for their dream company?

  • Racism in Context: How to Talk to Students About the Ahmaud Arbery Killing

  • Making Hazing History With Mike & Hank: Band Hazing and the case of Robert Champion

  • Ellen Howell and Debbie Radish-Respess: How can young adults make the best career choices?


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At Greek University, we believe in the leadership of student organizations.

We care about your community. Since 2015, we have changed behavior in the long term and created safer campuses by leveraging the leadership in fraternities, sororities, and athletics. Our favorite moment? Watching all the 'ahas' go off in student's minds as we help them solve problems with our campus keynote presentations, leadership conferences, and workshops. This could be in person for presentations up to 4,000 students or virtual presentations in online town halls with up to 1,000 students, as well as online modules to engage your students.

Call today! 203-58-GREEK or email us now at: bookings@greekuniversity.org

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Workshops, conferences & keynote presentations specifically designed for your community!


We provide maximum value for you and the students by providing educational programming the entire day.



"From the moment I met him, I recognized that he was the kind of person that I wanted to surround myself and my students with. One of my favorite things about working with Mike was his ability to connect with my students on a level that has stuck with them years past his time with them. Amazing!"

- Dr. Thea Zunick, Director of Student Life at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

"Michael is single-handedly the best speaker I have ever witnessed. He is very knowledgeable about Greek relations. He is very passionate about what he does and it shows when he speaks. I am very pleased that we were able to work together and get Michael to Southern Arkansas University."

- Corbin Franklin, President Interfraternity Council, Southern Arkansas University

"I had the pleasure of working with Mike on multiple occasions, as he provided training and education to the entire fraternity/sorority community in the areas of hazing prevention, academic achievement, sexual violence prevention, and chapter development. Perhaps what I admire most about Mike is his passion--his passion for people, communication, social issues, the fraternal movement, and relationships. I am beyond grateful for individuals like Mike who dedicate their lives for a cause they believe in. Through the work we do as fraternity/sorority professionals, I find hope and inspiration in the services Mike provides to Greek members across the country. I am amazed at his ability to reach students at the core of their development and highly recommend his programs and services."

- Donald Abels, Assistant Director of Greek Life at LSU

"One of the most influential speakers I’ve listened to during my collegiate experience!"

- Rainey Riley, Alpha Chi Omega Chapter President at Sam Houston State University

Want to see more testimonials on frequently requested topics like sexual assault prevention, hazing prevention, and alcohol/drug abuse prevention on college campuses? Click HERE

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Our guests for Season 1:

Episode 1: Interview with Kalinda Fisher and her movement called "The Great Reset"
Episode 2: Interview with Zach Westerbeck on Mental Health
Episode 3: Interview with John Mabry on Addictions
Episode 4: Interview with Lauren Crumbaker on Recruitment
Episode 5: Interview with Kali Richardson on Millennials
Episode 6: Interview with Andrew Morris on The Importance of Fraternity
Episode 7: Interview with Robert Wilson on Diversity & Inclusion
Episode 8: Interview with Sid Dunn on a Lifetime of Service to Fraternity
Episode 9: Interview with Corbin Franklin on Student Involvement
Episode 10: Interview with Pete Smithhisler, VP for Student Affairs at Valley City State University
Episode 11: Interview with Nicole Morse on Supporting Students with Disabilities
Episode 12: Interview with Victor Benlice, Greek Senate President at Kean University
Episode 13: Interview with Caren DeCesaris on self-compassion, vulnerability, and connectivity
Episode 14: Interview with Tricia Benitez on healthy relationships and addictions
Episode 15: Interview with Ron Browne on Alumni Involvement
Episode 16: Interview with Tom Murphy, Executive Director of Phi Mu Delta
Episode 17: Interview with Laurie Weidner, CEO of Parent Education Partners
Episode 18: Interview with Joseph Rios, Ed.D. on Leadership
Episode 19: Interview with Joe Rosenberg, Executive Director of Kappa Delta Rho
Episode 20: Christy Brooks: How to help someone with an eating disorder, self harm, thoughts of suicide
Episode 21: Edson O'Neale: What is stepping and strolling?
Episode 22: Dr. Thea Zunick: What effective training and development programs are out there?
Episode 23: Joe Thompson: How do we create a growing FSL community that is diverse, engaged & service oriented?
Episode 24: Majesty Uwagerikpe: How can we bring diversity and inclusion to fraternity?
Episode 25: Doug Allen: How do we increase chapter GPA in my fraternity or sorority?
Episode 26: Ka Baw Say: Why is Fraternity an excellent fit for first generation college students?
Episode 27: Kevin Pons: What are some of the new initiatives coming to NGLA?
Episode 28: Blake Bratcher: How can undergraduate fraternity members raise money from alumni?
Episode 29: Carrie Anton: How can college students brainstorm ideas effectively to solve problems?
Episode 30: Dr. Louis Profeta: A Sunday Talk on Sex, Drugs, Drinking and Dying
Episode 31: Michael Angelo Caruso: What are the 5 steps to an amazing presentation?
Episode 32: Sterling Jowers: What should college students know about finances, budgeting & student loan debt?
Episode 33: Zach Westerbeck: What is a Certified Mental Health First Aid Professional and how has it helped you?
Episode 34: Rich Herrera: How Fraternity Helped My Career in Sports Broadcasting
Episode 35: Robert Huffman: What is Movember and how can we get involved?
Epsiode 36: Phil Protomanni: How can fraternities & sororities be more effective in their philanthropy efforts?
Episode 37: Mike Spitalieri: How do fraternity and sorority members get the jobs and careers they want?
Episode 38: Dr. Louis Profeta: What is the impact of Coronavirus on fraternity and sorority communities?
Episode 39: Cassie Perry: How do college students find their voice and get help when needed?
Episode 40: Zach Westerbeck & Christian Beck: How do we focus on Mental Health during the Coronavirus Pandemic?
Episode 41: Dr. Thea Zunick: How can we show empathy in the time of COVID-19?
Episode 42: Carl Heer: How will talking to strangers change your life?
Episode 43: Dr. Ethan Becker: How will social media shape the way we look at COVID-19 in the future?
Episode 44: Hank Nuwer: How do we stop hazing in student organizations?
Episode 45: Ray Begovich: Public Relations for Fraternities and Sororities
Episode 46: Andrew Hudson: How can we get jobs during COVID-19?
Episode 47: Making Hazing History with Mike & Hank
Episode 48: Debra Jason: How do we leverage the power of LinkedIn?
Episode 49: Town Hall with Victor Benlice and Edson O'Neale: How can we better support first generation college students?
Episode 50: Hank Nuwer: Class Hazing. Tackling the Unsolved Mystery of Henrietta Jackson's Death
Episode 51: Claire Petrie: How can we network online and get professional development opportunities online now?
Episode 52: Hank Nuwer: Hazing History in Athletics
Episode 53: Dean Seneca: How should colleges and universities handle COVID-19 this fall?
Episode 54: Death of a Rookie: A play written and performed by Hank Nuwer
Episode 55: Ellen Howell and Debbie Radish-Respess: How can young adults make the best career choices?
Episode 56: Making Hazing History With Mike & Hank: Band Hazing and the case of Robert Champion
Episode 57: Racism in Context: How to Talk to Students About the Ahmaud Arbery Killing
Episode 58: Harry Stone: How can recent graduates and new professionals work for their dream company?