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Greek University helps you solve complex campus problems.

Our mission is to help fraternity, sorority, athletes, and college students persist in light of the challenges they face in pursuit of excellence. We will provide engaging experiences that facilitate intellectual, civic, and leadership development of our students. When students participate in one of our educational programs, they will be equipped with skills and resources to make their campus safer and the world a better place.

Michael Ayalon, M.S.P.

Michael Ayalon speaks on Alcohol/Drug Abuse Prevention, Sexual Assault Prevention, Hazing Prevention, Motivation, Leadership, and Recruitment: Click here for presentations

Bailie White

Bailie White speaks on ownership, personal branding, and ownership of your recruitment experience: Click here for presentations

Fletcher Cleaves

Fletcher Cleaves speaks on overcoming adversity, achieving goals, the dangers of distracted driving, the importance of education, and forgiveness: Click here for presentations

Priscilla María Gutiérrez

Priscilla speaks on Trauma-Informed Recovery, Confidence, Leadership, Building Community, and Mindset: Click here for presentations

Dr. Sheena Howard

Dr. Sheena Howard speaks on Self-Empowerment, Self-Determination, Creativity, and Leveraging Your Skillset: Click here for presentations

Tish Norman

Tish Norman speaks on college & career readiness, women’s leadership, and the African-American experience: Click here for presentations

Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy works with councils, communities, and chapters and provides his consulting services: Click here for workshops

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