About Us

Greek University: The Campus Safety Experts

Looking for a dynamic speaker for your University, College, Fraternity or Sorority?

We believe that today’s college students are the future. We work with undergraduate students all over North America to help them become leaders on campus, philanthropic in their communities, and more successful in the workforce. We’ll show them how to use leadership skills, communication skills, and values into the achievement of their lifelong goals beyond the classroom.

Need a consistent and comprehensive learning experience for all of the newest members of your fraternity and/or sorority community?

No matter the size of your Greek community or what your budget may look like, we seek to ensure that members of your community have the ability to access resources 24x7 online in order to improve their new member experience and the skills needed to be a successful chapter on campus.

Our Mission:

We provide University students, Fraternity members, Sorority members, and Alumni volunteers with engaging experiences that facilitate intellectual, civic, and leadership development while promoting a sense of community, campus safety, and enhancement of the educational mission of the University.