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Sabrina Osso: What are the warning signs of home violence victims and abusers?

Today we have with us Sabrina Osso! Sabrina is Founder and CEO of OSSO SAFE…to Feel Safe Where You Live, Work, and Play. She is a TEDx Speaker, Real Estate Agent, and Consultant on promoting safety and preventing violence in the workplace, schools, and in places of residence. Combining education and technology, clients can save lives and bottom lines. Sabrina’s personal and professional experience with the subject allow her to bring a unique and holistic approach for employers, landlords, tenants, students, and teachers. In episode #143​, we find out why Sabrina chose Montclair State University, why she is so passionate about preventing violence in the workplace, schools, and in our homes, why Sabrina calls it home violence instead of domestic violence, why it is the responsibility of the institutions of society: schools and workplaces, warning signs of an abuser, warning signs of a victim, some of the benefits of the OSSO SAFE WORKSHOP, programs available for real estate clients, what does the OSSO SAFE APP do, and her favorite spots for authentic Italian restaurants in New Jersey. Enjoy! Link:

Mike Domitrz: Are students getting the SKILLS needed for a realistic discussion on sexual education?

Today we have with us Mike Domitrz during Sexual Assault Awareness Month! He is an Author, Leading Authority, Educator, Expert, and Certified Speaking Professional, and the Founder of The Center for Respect, Inc (formerly The Date Safe Project). He has devoted his life to the mission of The Date Safe Project: to provide parents, educators, middle schools, high schools, colleges, university campuses, military installations and corporations the SKILLS for Creating a Culture of RESPECT – for reducing sexual harassment and sexual assault. SKILLS taught include addressing workplace attitudes, honoring boundaries. respect, bystander intervention, teen dating, sex education, abstinence, reducing sexual assault (rape), and supporting survivors of sexual assault. Mike’s books “Can I Kiss You? A thought-provoking look at relationships, intimacy, & sexual assault” and “Voices of Courage: Inspiration from Survivors of Sexual Assault” are utilized across the globe. In episode #142​ of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Mike chose University of Wisconsin-Whitewater for his undergraduate experience, why he is so passionate about this particular topic of sexual assault prevention, whether students are getting the SKILLS needed to have a realistic discussion on sexual education, how we can better support survivors and victims of sexual assault, how misunderstandings....

Christy Noel: Once you get hired, how do you start a new job successfully?

Today we have with us Christy Noel! Christy is an Ironman Bad Ass, and a CAREER EXPERT! She is an author, speaker, and career advice expert. She helps people who are dissatisfied with their career and lack the tools they need to find fulfillment by sharing her personal stories of actionable career advice and career advancement strategies. She deliver my own stories and lessons learned of life in the corporate world through “Your Personal Career Coach” book and speaking engagements to help others get the job, get ahead and get rewarded. In episode # 141 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Christy chose UCLA and Tri Delta, what is the draw in being a seven-time Ironman triathlon finisher, what is the definition of career success, how you can write a resume that gets interviews, tips on how to research a company BEFORE the job interview, tips on job hunting amid COVID-19, suggestions for perfecting the video interview, how to start a new job successfully, ways to ask for a raise at work when others are out of work completely, and ways for college students to network over the summer break. Link:

Tyler Manning: How do you ensure that the student conduct process is fair for students?

Today we have with us Tyler Manning! He serves as the Assistant Director for Fraternity and Sorority Life at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, where he has the privilege & opportunity to work with 20 fraternities and sororities and 4 governing councils. Tyler serves as a volunteer for the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors, Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values, and Sigma Pi Fraternity. Tyler is a 2016 graduate of Ball State University’s Master of Arts in Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education program, where he also earned a Certificate in University and College Teaching; He is also a 2014 graduate of Saginaw Valley State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Criminal Justice. In episode #140​ of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Tyler chose Saginaw Valley State University for his undergraduate experience, how his Sigma Pi membership shapes who he is today, how the FSL community at Ball State differs from Saginaw Valley, advice to chapters and councils around the country as we look towards the fall recruitment/intake process, how you ensure that the student conduct process is fair for students, what needs to change about our educational programming approach in order....