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Meghan Grace: How can we enhance the educational experience for Gen Z?

Our next guest, Dr. Meghan Grace, has a passion for helping others grow and developing sustainable strategies and solutions. She is a researcher, author, and consultant who helps individuals and organizations work more efficiently and effectively while using data to inform planning and decisions. Before coming to work for Plaid, Meghan served as the Director of Undergraduate Programming & University Partnership for Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. She also has diverse campus-based experience working in leadership programs, event planning, course planning and curriculum development, and career development. We find out why Meghan chose Chapman University for her undergraduate experience, what made Phi Sigma Sigma so special to her, more about the ATLAS Program at the University of Arizona, why Sigma Phi Epsilon’s Balanced Man Program has been so successful, understanding more about the impacts of financial aid on student success, some of the work Meghan is doing with Plaid, how we can enhance the educational experience for Gen Z, how we can develop Gen Z leadership capacity, and what mistakes are being made by Gen Z in recruitment and retention. We also find out Meghan’s favorite restaurants in Nashville. Enjoy! Link:

Brian Tenclinger: Why should everyone have a personal board of directors?

Our next guest, Brian Tenclinger, is a dynamic non-profit association executive and senior level higher education practitioner. He’s the former executive director of Triangle fraternity noted for growing the organization by 61% and creating signature education programs for undergraduates. He’s also got 15 years of experience working in higher education administration as a director and assistant dean with extensive experience in strategic planning, project management, talent management, organizational assessment and auditing, market trend and data analysis, fundraising, organization growth, volunteer recruitment, and risk and harm assessment. We find out why Brian chose Northern Illinois for his undergraduate experience, why he joined Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and how they are different from other fraternities, what makes Sigma Phi Epsilon so special, how he was able to grow Triangle Fraternity by 60%, what things you should consider when you change fraternity/sorority branding, how chapters of fraternities and sororities can grow during the pandemic, whether fraternities and sororities are still staying true to their mission, what he’s doing to help grow Kiwanis, why everyone should have a personal board of directors, and his favorite restaurant in Indianapolis. Enjoy! Link:

Dr. Ron Binder: How can Fraternities and Sororities reduce their risk this fall?

Today we have a special treat for our listeners. We have with us Dr. Ron Binder, Associate Dean of Residential Experience at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa! Ron speaks nationally on risk management and alcohol and substance abuse and has been cited in Newsweek, NBC Nightly News, National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation and Court TV. Ron is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in Greek affairs, speaking around the country at Sigma Phi Epsilon leadership programs and traveling to Greece with 17 students from the national fraternity to study Greek philosophy. If you really want to understand Greek affairs, you call Ron. We find out why Ron chose the University of Toledo for his undergraduate experience, what made the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon so special to him, what it was like being a house dad at Lambda Chi Alpha and Phi Gamma Delta, more about his dissertation at the University of Georgia called “The Environmental Influences on Academic Achievement in Fraternities”, how the community at Coe College is different from his other experiences, what it was like to travel to Greece with 17 students from the national fraternity to study Greek philosophy, how can we better....

Scott Singer: How can college students build an effective resume?

During almost two decades of in-house corporate HR and staffing firm experience, Scott Singer brought his knowledge, skill and talents to national and international corporations in a diverse range of industries. Now, as founder and president of Insider Career Strategies LLC, Scott regularly guides individual and corporate clients through the job search and hiring process, consulting on everything from resume writing and interview coaching to staffing programs and recruitment strategies. Scott brings unique insight into what employers want and, most importantly, need when it comes to staffing solutions, drawing on his time with major corporations such as Motorola, Ryder, Bacardi, Burger King and LVMH. Real-world experience and depth of knowledge allow him to act as a true business partner to corporate clients, saving them both time and money via smart staffing and HR decisions. For job seekers, his straightforward advice and understanding of the “other side” provides a direct path toward career growth and success. In episode number 171 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Scott chose Boston University, what was special about Sigma Phi Epsilon there, why he’s so passionate about recruiting, staffing, and careers, how college students or new graduates can nail the dreaded elevator....