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Zach Westerbeck & Christian Beck: How do we focus on Mental Health during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Welcome to our town hall on Mental Health during the Coronavirus pandemic for fraternity/sorority students and administrators. We will share a ton of resources in this episode, so be ready to take some notes! We have two excellent resources here with us today to guide our conversations and to answer your questions on mental health, so feel free to use the chat box for any questions you would like to ask our panelists. Christian Beck is a licensed mental health counselor for Colgate University, with clinical interests in coping & resilience and positive psychology. Zach Westerbeck speaks on college campuses all over the country on understanding Mental Health and breaking the stigma, and he experienced his own crippling depression and anxiety in 2016. Zach is able to relate and clearly articulate why now more than ever it is critical to understand how to manage your mental health. Link:

Cassie Perry: How do college students find their voice and get help when needed?

Check out episode number 39 of Fraternity Foodie with Cassie Perry! Cassie is a mom, entrepreneur, ex-cheerleader for the Indianapolis Colts, and most importantly, she is a survivor. We talk about her choice to attend Indiana University in Bloomington after growing up on a farm in Northern Illinois, joining a sorority at IU, her path to becoming an NFL Cheerleader, tips on becoming an entrepreneur from experience owning a Pure Barre Fitness Studio, what happened the day she had a stroke, how her life has changed since that day, and the signs that people should be looking for when someone is having a stroke. We even talk about the best restaurant in Carmel, Indiana! You’re going to love this episode. Link:

Dr. Louis Profeta: What is the impact of Coronavirus on fraternity and sorority communities?

Dr. Louis Profeta (an award-winning writer and Emergency Physician at St. Vincent Hospital of Indianapolis) discusses the impact of Coronavirus on colleges, universities, and the fraternity/sorority community. We find out if students should be asked/allowed to quarantine in fraternity/sorority houses if they test positive for Coronavirus, how our ritual ceremonies should change going forward, how we can keep our student morale and membership up, what needs to happen when students return to their houses, what we should do about national conventions and conferences this summer, and if drive-thru testing is something that will be coming to the United States. Watch it with this link:  

Mike Spitalieri: How do fraternity and sorority members get the jobs and careers they want?

Check out episode # 37 of Fraternity Foodie that was filmed on Valentine’s Day with Mike Spitalieri, Co-Founder and CEO of Evolvez (, a company set up to help undergraduates find ambassador positions, internships, and full time jobs with dream companies. We find out why he chose the University of Pittsburgh for his undergraduate experience, how Evolvez came about, success stories with clients, the process of getting new top notch clients, how students can get their dream brand ambassador job, different positions they are offering today, aligning with fraternity and sorority headquarters, the plan for 2020, how students can create a perfect resume, and the best way for students to land their dream job working for their dream company. We also find out the best place to get pizza in New York City. Don’t miss this episode! Link to the video: