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Jamie Devin Wilson: How can we empower students to speak up, act, and be a change-maker?

Welcome to episode # 60 of Fraternity Foodie! Jamie Devin Wilson is on a mission to end sexual violence, educate others active bystander intervention, and uplift the fraternity and sorority life experience. She cares deeply for the development and growth of not just college students but young professionals in the field of higher education. She is a wife, sister, sorority woman, survivor of sexual violence, and student affairs professional in higher education as the Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Life at the University of New Hampshire – with some absolutely incredible students. We find out why she chose the University of Rhode Island for her undergraduate experience, what she learned by joining Phi Sigma Sigma sorority, what it was like working for her sorority headquarters, how her experience at Northeastern helped her as a campus professional, what makes the University of New Hampshire special, how to develop new member education programs that allow the students to come to their own conclusions about hazing not being tolerated, how to empower students to stand up and take action when they see violence, the different types of resources available for victims of sexual violence, how fraternities and sororities should be recruiting and retaining....

Making Hazing History with Mike & Hank: Unsolved Mystery Hazing Deaths

Welcome to our fifth special episode of Making Hazing History with Mike and Hank! Our co-host today is Hank Nuwer, the Author of Hazing: Destroying Young Lives, Wrongs of Passage, High School Hazing and The Hazing Reader, and retiring longtime Alpha Lambda Delta chapter adviser at Franklin College. Today we will explore three quite controversial, strange, and unsolved mystery hazing deaths – two on college campuses, and one at a high school. Link:

Harry Stone: How can recent graduates and new professionals work for their dream company?

Check out episode #58 of Fraternity Foodie! Today we interview Harry Stone, Global Talent Acquisition for TikTok. Harry has worked for JP Morgan Chase, Google, WeWork, and now TikTok. He tells us what was special about being a founding father of Sigma Pi Fraternity at Florida State, how he made the jump from the mortgage business into recruiting, what the interview process was like at Google and what types of people would do well working for Google, what makes TikTok a great place to work, advice on where to go for jobs, tips for virtual interviews, and how to start working for your dream company – which may be a big company or a small company! Enjoy. Link:

Racism in Context: How to Talk to Students About the Ahmaud Arbery Killing

Welcome to our town hall on Racism in Context. Our objectives are to: 1. Educate professional staff on the challenges facing African-American students in the wake of the Ahmaud Arbery incident. 2. Place the Ahmaud Arbery incident in its proper context given the long history of vigilantism, over-policing, unfair targeting and unconscious bias towards African-Americans and other people of color. 3. Provide space for dialogue around this and other incidents of racial bias. 4. Educate professional staff on how to support students who may be struggling with feelings of belonging and safety in the wake of society racial bias. Our Panelists: Cecilia Olusola Tribble – Expert on racial equity Morgan I. Williams – Diversity Peer Educator, student perspective Robert Lawrence Wilson – Diversity and Inclusion expert Edson O’Neale – Former Greek Advisor and Higher Education Professional, professional staff perspective Our Moderator: Michael Ayalon – CEO of Greek University Link: