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Check out our latest travels (and food choices) at University cities all across North America!

Kevin Pons: What are some of the new initiatives at NGLA?

Check out my interview today with Kevin Pons, the new Executive Director for NGLA (Northeast Greek Leadership Association). We talk about his choice to attend Johnson & Wales as an undergraduate, being involved as a student leader, his Masters degree from the University of Delaware, working for Sigma Pi Fraternity’s headquarters, the family atmosphere at the NGLA conference, why students are so engaged at NGLA, new initiatives at NGLA, being a father, how we can ensure the growth of the Greek community in the future, and the best place to eat in Boston. Buckle up, it’s a good one! Link:

Ka Baw Say: Why is Fraternity an Excellent Fit for First Generation Students?

Check out my interview with Ka Baw Say, a first generation college student who is originally from Burma, but now a student at the University of Missouri – Kansas City and an undergraduate member of Phi Gamma Delta. We talk about living in a refugee camp in Thailand, immigrating to the United States without his parents, teaching himself English over the Internet, choosing UMKC for college, joining FIJI, why more first generation students should consider fraternities or sororities, what fraternities could do to be more attractive to first generation students, writing his own book, and what he likes to eat in Kansas City. Link:

Doug Allen: How do we increase chapter GPA in my fraternity or sorority?

Check out episode # 25 with Doug Allen, Past National President for Theta Chi Fraternity and Founder of Akademia Performance Solutions. We discuss his undergraduate experience at the University of Georgia, why he chose Theta chi, why he volunteers for the fraternity, challenges and opportunities as National President, why academic excellence is so important, the NIC Standard for Academics, the myth of smaller chapters have better students, ranking campus communities, why men do better academically in the spring semester, comparison between men and women with GPA, what fraternities and sororities can do to help each other excel academically, and Doug’s favorite place to eat in Atlanta (I agree with his assessment…). Link:

Majesty Uwagerikpe: How can we bring diversity and inclusion to fraternity?

Check out my interview with Majesty Uwagerikpe, VP of Diversity and Inclusion for the IFC at UPenn! We talk about why he chose UPenn, the value of internships as a student, why he chose Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, what his family thinks of fraternity, why diversity is important within student organizations, how to bring diversity into recruitment for predominantly white organizations, how we can make fraternity more accessible financially for students, good diversity initiatives at other colleges, and where to go for great food in Philadelphia. Link: