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Check out our latest travels (and food choices) at University cities all across North America!

Sterling Jowers: What should college students know about finances, budgeting & student loan debt?

Check out episode #32 of Fraternity Foodie with Sterling Jowers, a tax accountant and alumnus of Beta-Mu chapter of Sigma Pi Fraternity at Ole Miss! We talk about how this chapter was able to recruit so many men into the fraternity, how to manage chapter finances and reduce any possibilities of fraud/theft, what’s the right amount of student loan debt, budgeting, financial goals, credit cards, working while in school, investing in stocks as a college student, and where to eat the next time you’re in Houston, Texas. Enjoy! Video link:

Michael Angelo Caruso: What are the 5 steps to an amazing presentation?

In our 31st episode of Fraternity Foodie, I interview Michael Angelo Caruso, a communication consultant, author, and speaker. Michael has delivered over 2,000 presentations and keynotes speeches on 5 continents and in 49 of the 50 states (he’s speaking in Hawaii shortly to check off the last state). We talk about how he got started as a professional speaker, the 5 steps to amazing presentations, how to develop an elevator pitch, how to enter a room with confidence, how to remember people’s names when you meet them, the 15 most important words you can use with another person, how to get others in your organization to ‘do stuff’, why Rotary is so important to Michael, and some great spots for dinner the next time you’re in Detroit. The information conveyed in this interview should be required for any college student or new professional! Check out the video here:

Dr. Louis Profeta: A Sunday Talk on Sex, Drugs, Drinking and Dying

Check out my interview with Dr. Louis Profeta, a nationally recognized, award-winning writer, TED Talk speaker, and Emergency Physician at St. Vincent Hospital of Indianapolis, a level 1 trauma center. He has cared for more than 60,000 patients. We talk about his advice for students thinking about being a doctor, what conversations we should be having now with our parents and grandparents, his Red Cross Certificate of Recognition, the dangers of cocaine and heroin use, the conversations you have with parents after their child dies, his stance on drinking games, his stance on sharing prescription medications, mental health issues, reactions from the fraternity and sorority students, and how being a parent shapes his talks. We even get to hear his favorite restaurant in Indianapolis. This is a “can’t miss” 30th episode of Fraternity Foodie! Call us at 516-642-3108 to book Dr. Profeta as a speaker on your campus, or email us at: Link:

Carrie Anton: How can college students brainstorm ideas effectively to solve problems?

Welcome to episode #29 of Fraternity Foodie! On this episode, we get to speak with Carrie Anton, Chief Wonder Woman at her own company called Wonder: An Idea Studio. We talk to her about her undergraduate experience at University of Wisconsin-Madison, her time as an editor for a big company like American Girl, the different services she offers today at her own company, the book she recently co-authored called “Me, Myself & Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Brainstorming Solo”, how to inject creativity into tired philanthropy events or community service events, how to create stronger connections with your community and members, changing the Greek narrative with the media to a more positive one, how to brainstorm solutions in large groups, how to be a leader in your student organization, and where to go for food in Madison. Don’t miss this! Check out the video here: