Christine Handy: How do you overcome obstacles in your life?

Want to know how do you overcome obstacles in your life? Christine Handy is a passionate advocate, keynote speaker, author and model who champions women to realize their power and inner beauty amidst adversity. As a breast cancer survivor, Christine is proof that pain does not have to limit is from thriving. Christine uses her experience in the fashion industry to challenge outdated cultural values that once limited inclusivity of certain groups of women in the past. Christine uses her story to inspire hope and courage. With authenticity, and vulnerability, Christine provides real life wisdom to those who have been affected by illness and trauma. Christine’s MISSION is to ensure that women feel less alone while encouraging women to focus on faith and their inner warrior. In episode 461 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why she decided on Southern Methodist University, which sorority she joined on campus, how she got started as a model for companies like Guess, J. Crew, J. C. Penney, Bud Light, Pepsi, Petco, and Target, what was her initial reaction when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, how she got control back in life, what made her decide to go back to work after all that and show there is still beauty in women without breasts, how you survive and thrive when life throws obstacles your way, advice to college students in terms of maintaining self-esteem, how you can manage fear, what is the mission of Wonder Women Initiative where she serves on the Board of Directors, and what you’ll learn from her book called “Walk Beside Me” that will be a movie soon. Enjoy!