Fletcher's TEDx Memphis Talk

  • I have shared Fletcher’s commercial with over 65,000 students and adults. In February of 2018 I attended a meeting at The Ohio State University’s Risk Institute where I learned Fletcher Cleaves would be attending as our Keynote Speaker. His presentation skills and openness to answer any and all questions his audience had were remarkable to say the least. He has a way of connecting with his audience through humor, honesty and evidence based research that dispels myths that they may otherwise believe to be truths. Fletcher’s faith touched my heart more than any other person has. He talks about HIS journey of forgiveness, determination and triumphs in the face of his crash. I am so humbled by this young man who has ignited my passion to help protect lives and reduce the risk of injuries and deaths even more and I am forever grateful to have met him and more importantly to call him a friend and my hero!

    Kellie O’Riordan
    AAA Ohio Traffic Safety Program Manager
  • Fletcher’s message to AutoZone was very inspirational and moving. Seeing his uplifting “Go get it ” attitude and hearing his “safe driving / The Sky is not the limit” message really resonated with the entire company!

    Bill Giles
    CFO, EVP Finance, Information Technology and AllData
  • Hearing Fletcher speak was not only inspirational but it allowed me to gain a new perspective on Life. That you have options: optimism, optimistic, optimize.

    Elliot Perry
    University of Memphis Basketball Hall of Famer
  • Fletcher's story of his perseverance and his determination to continue the work of God is evident through his humbleness and dedication to the youth in or community.

    Anthony Jones
    Head Coach, Cordova (TN) High School
  • Fletcher captured the minds and hearts of the audience with his story, while renewing hope and faith to reach beyond the sky. His message was powerful and his gift is full of passion. Fletcher is a must see presentation for all ages!

    Valerie Taylor
    State FCCLA Adviser

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