Frequently Asked Questions

Costs vary depending on which speaker you choose, whether it's in-person or virtual programming, and the length of programming needed. Email us at for a quote and you will get a response within 24 hours, or call us now for an immediate quote at 203-58-GREEK.

You should always provide us with your name, phone number, university/organization, and email address. Other things that are helpful include the expected date of the program, whether it's in-person or virtual, which topic you are interested in, which speaker you are interested in, how long you would like the program to be, your budget, how many attendees you are expecting at the event, any background information on this particular event that would be helpful, and how you heard about us.

Yes, we always quote an all inclusive price, which includes the speaker's travel costs such as flights and rental cars, as well as accommodations such as a hotel for overnight stays. It's easier for you and us to have an all inclusive price so there are no expense reports to fill out or additional fees after the fact.

Only with the express written consent of Greek University.

The more notice we have, the better so we can save on travel expenses and our speaker will have time to develop a customized program for your university/organization. That being said, we will work hard to find you the right speaker under any time constraints.

Most of the time, we will send 50 free copies of our book with each speaker booking. This will be added to the quote so you know how many free books to expect.

Frequently, yes. Just let us know what you have planned for the day (meet and greet, book signing, lunch/dinner, multiple programs that day for multiple audiences) and we will be sure to make that happen for you. We want to provide you with the most value and return on investment as possible while our speaker is on campus.

That depends on the campus. We work with both students and advisors every day. However, students should always be working closely with their advisor on programming decisions to be sure everyone is on the same page.

Absolutely! We would love to schedule a Zoom call or a phone call with all parties so you can speak directly to the speaker and be sure they understand any special requests that you might have. Contact us by email at or call us at 203-58-GREEK to schedule a call with us.