Cassie Little: What causes disengagement in our chapter and how do we increase morale?

As Her Sorority Journey’s speaker, podcast host, and TikToker, Cassie Little considers herself a sorority advocate and community enthusiast. Her college sorority journey at Arizona State University and early professional experience at Sigma Kappa Sorority lit a fire in her soul that sorority has the power to change lives. Our chapters, officers, and members just need to be empowered in the role they play to create that reality. Starting this company in 2020 and learning too many lessons the hard way running a business through a global pandemic, She is willing to try nearly anything to ensure our national sorority community understands the power they hold and how to use it power for the good of those around them.

In episode 400 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Cassie chose Arizona State University, why she joined Sigma Kappa, what it was like working for the National Headquarters, why she decided to launch Her Sorority Journey in 2020 just as the pandemic started, what are some strategies to nurture meaningful relationships and a sense of belonging among our members and PNM’s, what causes chapter disengagement and how do we increase morale, what does good officer transition look like, how do we sell our skills within Fraternity and Sorority Life in our future career, and what are some lessons learned about entrepreneurship. Enjoy!