Priscilla María: If college students find themselves wanting sobriety, how can they achieve this?

Priscilla María is a keynote speaker, certified trauma recovery coach, and Founder of the Cycle Breakers Club LLC. She talks about breaking cycles of generational trauma, mental health, and Latinx identity. She earned her B.A. in both Africana Studies and Sociology at Johns Hopkins University and her Juris Doctor from UC Irvine School of Law. She is a certified speaker for National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). She believes in the healing power of storytelling and hopes to bring mutual healing through shared testimonies. Her unique professional and lived experience helps her partner with clients to: 🔸 Explore ways to release generational trauma from their life patterns and bodies 🔸 Increase work-life balance and strengthen their voice at work 🔸 Discover their purpose and passion 🔸 Overcome limiting beliefs and fears 🔸 Set effective and measurable goals. 

In episode 401 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out how being sexually molested by Priscilla’s grandfather impacted her life, what Priscilla learned over time in terms of what loyalty really is, how the experience as a caretaker for her brother exposed the sexism and patriarchy that dominates most Latinx households, how she continued to take care of her family before herself, what is the best way to achieve sobriety as a college student if they want it, how students can get better at time management, what are some coping skills or self-care routines students can use, and how you can recover from trauma.