Ben Gold: Should universities embrace ChatGPT?

Our next guest is Ben Gold. Ben spent 20 years in technology, in which the last five were dedicated to an AI-driven enterprise solution analyzing conversations. He has authored the book “How to find your next job with ChatGPT, A Guide for Everyone.” and conducts webinars and coaching sessions for job seekers. Ben believes that AI isn’t just the future; it’s now. With job markets evolving, it is important for you, as current or future job seekers, to translate the complexity of AI into actionable strategies. Ben can demystify AI, turning it into a robust tool for your career growth. Whether you’re an entry-level candidate or a seasoned professional, his AI-driven strategies are tailored to your unique path.

In episode 399 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out what lessons Ben learned by being the Legendary Arcade Champion with world records in Stargate, Millipede and Q*bert during his video-game career, why he decided to go to American University in Washington DC, why he’s focused on Artificial Intelligence, whether universities should embrace ChatGPT, how college students can evaluate their best career path using AI, what you can learn from the social media profiles of hiring managers, what students should pay attention to on their LinkedIn profile, what makes a great cover letter, and how to make your resume stand out. Enjoy!