Christy Noel: Once you get hired, how do you start a new job successfully?

Today we have with us Christy Noel! Christy is an Ironman Bad Ass, and a CAREER EXPERT! She is an author, speaker, and career advice expert. She helps people who are dissatisfied with their career and lack the tools they need to find fulfillment by sharing her personal stories of actionable career advice and career advancement strategies. She deliver my own stories and lessons learned of life in the corporate world through “Your Personal Career Coach” book and speaking engagements to help others get the job, get ahead and get rewarded.

In episode # 141 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Christy chose UCLA and Tri Delta, what is the draw in being a seven-time Ironman triathlon finisher, what is the definition of career success, how you can write a resume that gets interviews, tips on how to research a company BEFORE the job interview, tips on job hunting amid COVID-19, suggestions for perfecting the video interview, how to start a new job successfully, ways to ask for a raise at work when others are out of work completely, and ways for college students to network over the summer break.