Brian Galke: What is Facial Feature Analysis & how can it help college students build relationships?

With over two decades of business coaching, speaking, training and most importantly, real-life, in-the-trenches experiences, Brian Galke’s view on sales training is radically different. Brian appreciates, and shares with listeners, that finding a connecting point with your potential customer is key to successful selling and relationship building. He believe that finding a way to engage with every person you meet allows you to support in the growth of others. Early in life Brian was fascinated by the science behind body language, micro-expressions and Facial Feature Recognition. The science has been used in anything from jury trial selection to pre-defining a face on Facebook. Brian’s passion to effectively teach this technique and skill to everyone is a passion. Check out the QR code at the end of this video to connect with Brian for speaking or consulting opportunities!

In episode 329 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Brian chose Texas Tech, how he was able to get over his own social anxiety, what is Facial Feature Analysis and why we haven’t heard about it, how to sell more with Facial Feature Analysis, how college students can use it to build rapport with others quickly, how it can help to enhance relationships with large groups of people, how it can help you find a better dating match, and the importance of having a mentor for college students.