Gabriella Pelosi & Danielle Vallas: What is the difference between anxiety and stress at college?

Our next guests make up D&G Wellness Consulting! D&G Wellness Consulting fosters a culture of health and wellness to create long-lasting positive change in the office, at school, and at home. Gabriella Pelosi is a licensed mental health counselor, a school mental health counselor, and private practice clinician. Danielle Vallas is a licensed mental health counselor, a wellness educator and former school mental health counselor, private practice clinician, and graduate school professor. In episode 331 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out what are some of the mental health challenges with college students today, what is mindful counseling, what benefits students would get from a mental health toolkit, the difference between anxiety versus stress, how students can create a healthy body image, what causes an eating disorder and where can students go for more support, healthier alternatives to dealing with stress, what should students do when they experience burnout, what are the warning signs of mental health issues for college students, and what should a fraternity brother or sorority sister do if they see these warning signs. Enjoy!