Bonnie Wunsch: How have your Interfraternal roles helped to shape you and the sorority?

Welcome to episode #111 of Fraternity Foodie! With us today my good friend Bonnie Wunsch, the executive director of Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority, a position she has held for 30 years. She also serves as the development director of the Alpha Epsilon Phi Foundation. In both roles she is responsible for daily operations and policy implementation and is the organization’s chief risk manager.

We find out why Bonnie chose Emory University for her undergraduate experience, what made Alpha Epsilon Phi the right sorority for her, the legacy that she wants to leave at AEPhi, what she is focusing on in 2021, how AEPhi undergraduates and alumnae are able to support Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation in such big numbers, the legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and how she was able to empower young women, how the interfraternal roles have shaped her and the sorority, the goals of HPO (, her faith in Judaism, and her favorite restaurants that she loves to go to in the Danbury, CT area with her husband Alan and son Ryan. Enjoy!