Kappa Alpha Psi Youth Mentorship Program


Check out this article where members of Hopkinsville-Fort Campbell Alumni of Kappa Alpha Psi are starting a new youth mentorship program. It’s designed for the educational, occupational and social guidance of male students from 6th grade – 12th grade. Their monthly meetings focus around self-identity, training, competition, social, and health education. Some of the examples of topics they will cover include peer pressure, social etiquette, financial habits, and interacting with law enforcement.

This is definitely something that our undergraduate members and alumni clubs across the country can easily get involved with, no matter which community that you’re in. Most communities have a big brothers/big sisters or similar organization that are constantly looking for mentors. It’s a great way to have an active relationship with the youth in your area, a way for your Greek organization to stand out in the community for doing something positive, and a fun brotherhood/sisterhood event to create stronger bonds internally! I love everything about it. What if we cancelled one social event per month and instead created a monthly youth mentorship program? That’s what living the values of our organization is really all about.