Alpha Tau Omega at Nevada, Reno Work With Vets


According to this article, so far, the brothers of Alpha Tau Omega at University of Nevada, Reno have raised $6,500 for Nevada Military Support Alliance. It’s a great cause to have a fundraiser for, but I especially liked the way they brought awareness on campus to the struggles of military personnel and veterans that perform their daily tasks in wheelchairs.

When the brothers of ATO spoke to the veterans, the veterans felt that the mental issues were much tougher to deal with than the physical issues. Mobility is one of those things that most people take for granted, and if the brothers of ATO had a tough time dealing with being in a wheelchair on campus, then the mental issues have to be extremely difficult for the veterans of our country. By putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, it certainly gives you a greater appreciation for what the veterans have gone through, and why it’s so important to thank a veteran for their service not only on Veteran’s Day, but every day.