Rich Redmond: How can you stay motivated as a college student?

Are you ready to rock? Rich Redmond isn’t your typical pro speaker. He’s a seasoned entertainer who uses his heart and talent to change lives for the better, upending the same old keynote formula to ignite, inspire, and motivate audiences in ways they — and you– never expected. As a professional drummer based in Nashville and Los Angeles, Rich Redmond is a dynamic performer who tours and records with musical bigshots, from Jason Aldean and Garth Brooks to Ludacris and Kid Rock. He’s played to packed stadiums around the world, appeared on every late night show, written books and even acted in TV and movies. What can we say? This is a man who loves an audience. Rich’s true passion is rocking the house in a different way: taking the stage to share his strategic business chops, love for people, and distinctive CRASH philosophy for success with hungry audiences around the world. He walks his talk, and it shows all the way to the back row.

In episode number 194 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Texas Tech was the right place for his undergraduate experience, why his time at the University of North Texas for his Masters program was important, after working with mega artists (such as Kelly Clarkson, Bryan Adams, Bob Seger, Chris Cornell, Miranda Lambert, Eric Church, Keith Urban, and Luke Bryan), when did he know that he “made” it, why he created the CRASH philosophy and how it can help college students, how Rich stays focused on himself and his field, how students can develop their network while in college, how to maintain a positive attitude in life when things go wrong, how to build skills after graduation, and whether motivation is something you can teach. We also find out his favorite restaurant in Nashville! Enjoy.