Joanne Kaminski: Is online tutoring a good side hustle for college students?

Our next guest is Joanne Kaminski. In an effort to be more present for her own children, she started her own online reading tutoring business. She didn’t follow the traditional method of starting an online tutoring company, which she believes has led her to the success that she now has. Joanne has worked with students in Australia, London, Canada, Dominican Republic and kids from the West coast to the East Coast in the United States. Joanne has now dedicated her life to teaching other people how to start an independent online tutoring business. She then helps them to book their own online tutoring business solid so that they can be more present for their families and have the freedom and flexibility that they could have only once dreamed of.

In episode number 193 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Joanne chose Marquette University for her undergraduate experience, how being a teacher shaped who she is today, how we can teach classroom management more effectively, how she started her own online tutoring business, why support groups are so effective in building a business online, if this is a good side hustle for college students, what grades and subjects make good choices for tutoring, what she wishes she knew before starting her online business, and how to continue working on your goals even after failure. Enjoy!