Brian Halderman: How can we find volunteer opportunities locally for our Fraternities & Sororities?

Our next guest is Brian Halderman, someone who is passionate about building community, connecting people to help each other solve problems and supporting systems, institutions, and organizations to advance the common good. This passion manifests through his work with GivePulse, Inc, a civic tech firm, that believes in the power of people and human ingenuity to build bridges, to mend wounds, and to advance society to new heights.

We find out why Brian decided on the University of Dayton for his undergraduate experience, what made Alpha Phi Omega (the co-ed service fraternity) the right choice for him, why theological reflection and social analysis are so important for students, how you can build a civic engagement culture at a University, what is GivePulse and how it can help our fraternities/sororities, the features of the platform, success stories, how our fraternities and sororities can find volunteer opportunities locally, and how Fraternities and Sororities can get more engagement from other students in their community service events. Enjoy!