Sally Raymond, LMFT: What’s your advice for students who are currently experiencing depression?

Sally Raymond, LMFT, is a practicing, longtime Marriage and Family Therapist in Southern California. She is a speaker, author, and passionate, devoted expert on the topics of life and healthy growth, suicide, and relationships. Since her son Jon’s suicide in 1991 while being licensed as a psychotherapist, Sally has directed the precise psychological insight and skills unavailable any earlier to her as a mother toward ‘reverse engineering’ what in Jon’s life experience culminated in such a tragic last choice. The task has taken her as many years as he lived. Now, her book is out, expressly written to help others thrive at every age and avoid the kind of pitfalls Jon fell prey to. Understanding the new core issue at each stage of development can help children and adults alike better steer towards greater life, wholeness, joy and fulfillment.

In episode 344 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Sally wanted to get into Marriage and Family Therapy, more about her eldest son Jon’s childhood and eventual death by suicide at age 23, Sally’s goal in writing the new book “The Son I Knew Too Late: A Guide to Help You Survive and Thrive”, learning about Sally’s volunteer work with non-profits, advice to college students experiencing depression, hopelessness or suicidality, what are the warning signs that other college students such as fraternity members or sorority members should be looking out for, and the resources available for college students and their mental health.