Do we have an accessibility problem in fraternity and sorority life for those with disabilities?

Welcome to our Town Hall discussion on Accessibility in Fraternities and Sororities for those with Disabilities. We have three expert panelists that talk about important issues such as the most practical way to address the issue of student in a wheelchair who wants to be a part of recruitment, working with students who have mobility impairments, the right way to market campus events to be more inclusive, ADA compliance in older fraternity and sorority houses, helping potential new members with social disabilities such as anxiety, spectrum, ADHD, and communication disorders, accommodation of learning disabilities in a new member program, large scale events on campus with sign language interpreters and captioned media for videos, policies for service animals, and ways to increase disability awareness on campuses. Thank you to our panelists Gayle Etchamendy, Sara Farnsworth, and Nicole Morse for all of your dedication to students with disabilities and for helping us bring the needed attention to this issue on college campuses. You are all brilliant! Link: