Tracy Nadzieja: What can you tell us about being transgender in the fraternal world?

Welcome to episode # 99 of Fraternity Foodie! On October 12, 2018, Tracy Nadzieja was sworn in as a commissioner of the Maricopa County Superior Court in Arizona. At that moment, she became the first known transgender judge in the state of Arizona, and just the third transgender judge in the entire country.

We ask all the questions. We find out why she chose Arizona State for her undergraduate experience, why she chose Sigma Pi Fraternity at ASU, what it was like to come out after 15 years of marriage, how her law partners reacted to the transition, why it was important to be commissioner because of her qualifications as a civil litigation attorney, what it was like to be initiated into Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, why Tracy is an involved volunteer, and Tracy’s favorite spots to eat in Phoenix. You don’t want to miss this episode! Link: