Angie Freeman: What are some diversity and inclusion-related events for college campuses?

Our next guest, Angie Freeman, is the Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator at Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine. At Oakland University, they coordinate various diversity and inclusion-related events and programs, such as heritage month celebrations and the Diversity Lecture Series, as well as numerous summer programs available for area youth. Born in Germany and having lived several places as a self-described “military brat,” Angie earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Oakland University. They also earned a master’s degree in college student affairs from Nova Southeastern University. Not only do they have a passion diversity, equity, and inclusion, but also in dance.

In episode 298 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Angie chose Oakland University, why being a Resident Director at the University of Vermont was the right move, difficulties Angie experienced as a dancer, what it was like as a success coach and retention specialist at Nevada State College, what it was like to work at UNLV as a senior transition advisor, what are some diversity and inclusion-related events and programs at Oakland University, how to get buy in for all these DEI initiatives, why training on unconscious bias and microaggressions is so important, and how a new DEI chair can start to bring inclusion to their campus. Enjoy!