Nicki Rowlett: How can college students be better allies?

Our next guest is Nicki Rowlett, born and raised in Michigan, but has lived in five different states since graduating college. Nicki earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies, Event Management, and Leadership from Central Michigan University and a Master’s Degree in Student Affairs from Ball State University. She is a member of Delta Phi Epsilon and has worked professionally with fraternities and sororities for eight years. Nicki is an author, seasoned facilitator, and a long-time volunteer within the fraternal industry. Nicki’s focus is in identity development, inclusive language use, bias, allyship, and the impact of privilege, power, and position. She enjoys developing strategies, infusing concepts of DEI into existing programs, and coaching others to make informed and intentional decisions. She’s also the Managing Director and Lead Strategist of The Parallel Agency, a full service consulting firm specializing in organizational culture and belonging.

In episode 297 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why she chose Central Michigan University, what was special about the Delta Phi Epsilon chapter on campus, some of the differences in working within higher education versus the fraternity headquarters, what makes Parallel Agency different from the other agencies out there, how they balance learning with unlearning, where a newly elected DEI chair should start their work, why it’s important to be able to discuss privilege within fraternities and sororities, and how college students can be better allies. Enjoy!