Chris Hood: How do we build a culture of innovation like Google?

Our next guest is Chris Hood, a digital strategist, podcast host, and writer. He loves storytelling and has made it an essential part of his career. He’s always loved escaping into words, sounds, images, and events, to paint a solution for others to experience. It is the primary reason he is a veteran of the digital entertainment industry with more than three decades of working across various mediums, including television, film, music, and video games. Today, as the Head of Business Innovation & Strategy at Google, his thought leadership and strategic insights on digital and business transformation have fueled countless enterprises’ digital success. At Google, he’s been fortunate enough to keep his pulse on the media and entertainment industry with strategic participation in our industry solutions and developing incredible digital experiences across all of the mediums. He also has the honor of hosting That Digital Show, a weekly business podcast for Google Cloud.

In episode 296 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out what was so appealing about cinema to Chris at a young age, how he came up with the idea to revolutionize onscreen advertising at the movies, how he knew the future of music was digital, how he developed television engagement tools across multiple platforms, what the interview process is like at Google and what’s it like to work there every day, how to get hired at Google, what is the future of Google, how can we build a culture of innovation in our companies, how can we build failure skills within our college students, and how you can prove your organization is the best with data. Enjoy!