Maricielo Solis: How can college students spot misinformation online?

Our next guest is Maricielo Solis, a former TV journalist turned online entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of BLENDtw, a media company focused on producing content that fosters human connection. Disappointed by the lack of diversity in news coverage, Cielo decided to quit her job in television and make a change in the media industry by launching a website focused on grassroots journalism. That is how Blend (blend the world) was born. BLENDtw has grown to become one of the most popular sites among Gen Z in America. The publication reaches over 1 million readers per month. The company has expanded into a marketing agency and e-commerce business. Apart from her work at BLENDtw, Cielo is regular TV contributor speaking on topics related to entrepreneurship, online media & marketing. Her work has been featured on The List, ABC News, Medium, Thrive Global, NBC News, CBS News, Fox and dozens of other outlets.

In episode 295 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Cielo chose Wheaten College Massachusetts, what she learned working in television, what’s something the producers know but the people at home have no idea about, how the BLENDtw platform became so popular with Gen Z, what are tips for others to thrive as entrepreneurs if they want to be just as successful, what are ways that entrepreneurs can avoid feeling burnout, how we can stop social media from stealing our productivity, and how we can spot misinformation online. Enjoy!