Brittany Greene: What are the strategies for college students to raise their credit scores?

Our next guest is Brittany Greene! Entrepreneur, International best-selling author, keynote speaker, and mentor are some of the titles held by Brittany. As the founder and CEO of the Crowned Financials, she is committed to helping students raise their credit scores from around 50 to 300 points without involving a credit repair company. Her services have been acknowledged by yahoo finance, yahoo news, NBC, FOX, Buzzfeed, 103 the Beat Miami, and HBCU Wallstreet. Her books Mind & Money Manual, A to Z Credit, Project PreRich, The Breakthrough, and You are Enough aim to help individuals develop financial concepts, strong leadership qualities, self-assurance, and confidence so that they can fearlessly follow their aspirations while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In episode 299 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Brittany chose St. Leo University for her undergraduate experience, what made her want to get into personal credit, why a good credit score is so important, what are the strategies to raising your credit score, how do you maintain a good credit score once you get it, how you should handle the debt collectors and then remove collection accounts, what things college students can learn in Project PreRich, and how students/recent graduates can start to build wealth for themselves. Enjoy!