Florida State University IFC waives fees for veterans in fraternities

Capital City Veterans Consortium.

I was so happy to read this article today talking about the FSU IFC waiving their fees for veterans in fraternities. I’ve met so many veterans around the country that have joined fraternities, and I always ask them what about fraternities was attractive to them. After all, they’ve already served their country, they are typically older than most students, and they have a wealth of experience already. The answer? It’s the brotherhood they miss from being in the military. I’ve also noticed that the veterans have immediately stepped into leadership roles in their fraternity, it was never a question in their minds.

I’ve often wondered how we can make our fraternities and sororities even more attractive to veterans, as the number of veterans enrolling at four year institutions is climbing. They are leaders on campus with the experience needed to help our organizations grow and flourish. I believe FSU has found a perfect solution here by waiving the IFC fees for veterans and making it easier for veterans to join Greek Life. I hope this trend continues all over the country. It’s a win for everyone involved. Well done FSU!