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Mike Collins: Why should we quit using sugar to our detriment?

Today we have with us Mike Collins, an Internet entrepreneur and a person in long term recovery from substance use disorder. Mike builds communities, currently in the food addiction space, and is looking for other opportunities to help folks in the SUD recovery space. He is especially interested in the Recovery Advocacy Movement and how websites, books, courses, social media accounts, apps and other venues where people are “recovering out loud” online are not only disrupting the world of recovery but putting it on steroids and accelerating it! In episode #132​ of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Mike chose SUNY Plattsburg, his story on substance use disorder, why we as a society not be ingesting sugar, wow we should handle the emotions that surface as you change your diet, how we can end those annoying sugar cravings – without feeling deprived, why journaling is so important as a tool for success, examples of self-care, the benefits of meditation and how should we meditate, how we can raise children in a no-sugar or sugar-reduced environment, help in social events where cake and cookies are plentiful, and Mike’s favorite restaurant in Los Angeles. Enjoy! Link:

Amy Chea: What can we do to end anti-Asian and Asian-American racism?

Amy Chea currently serves as the NYC Program Officer and Small Business Advisor for the Early Care and Education team at the Low Income Investment Fund. Her passions include helping children and families reach their full potential, supporting early childhood leaders in their work, and advocating for racial equity and social justice. In episode #131 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why UConn was the right choice for Amy, why Kappa Alpha Theta was the best fit, what has happened at Baruch College since the fraternity hazing death in 2013, more about Amy’s father who overcome an authoritarian and genocidal government in Cambodia and COVID-19, what it felt like when the first female Vice President (and the first Black and South Asian woman) was sworn in, the long and horrific history of discrimination against Asians in the United States, what we can we do to ensure equality, liberate all oppressed communities, and be an advocate in the fight for anti-racism, what happened when she tried to distribute copies of “So you want to talk about race” at a former job, and what Ruth Bader Ginsburg means to Amy. We even find out her favorite restaurants in New York....

Rainey Lynch: How can we increase collaboration with other councils and chapters?

Rainey Lynch is a growth consultant at Delta Kappa Epsilon International Fraternity (actually their very first Growth Consultant). In this role, she supports the Fraternity’s commitment to accelerating its growth by coaching chapters who are aspiring to expand their membership through the recruitment process. She also previously served at Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women as a Traveling Leadership Development Consultant. She is ambitious, hard-working, and she faces each new chapter of her life with enthusiasm, and that is why she makes the perfect guest on Fraternity Foodie! We find out why Rainey chose Loyola Marymount University, what was special about Pi Beta Phi at California Nu Chapter, what she worked on as a Traveling Leadership Development Consultant for Pi Beta Phi, what the shift was like to a men’s fraternity at DKE, advice to chapters who want to grow the size of their organization but are really struggling in this virtual environment, how we can increase collaboration with other councils and chapters, why assessments are important, and why mental health first aid could help our fraternities and sororities. Enjoy! Link:

Lizz Carter Clark: How can students raise the bar on their campus culture?

We have Lizz Carter Clark with us today, the Executive Director of College Moxie! College Moxie’s mission is to educate collegiate women about risks associated with Campus Culture and empower them to know their worth, and make choices that serve them. They do this through evocative panel and speaker events and small group curriculum designed to start and snowball conversations on relevant but difficult topics. These topics include hook-up culture, pressures of social media, body image, sexual assault, drug and alcohol use and others. College Moxie strives to Lead with Love, Speak with Respect and Engage with Truth. In episode #129​ of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Lizz chose USC, why Pi Beta Phi is such a great fit, her favorite roles as a television and film actress, why she started College Moxie, some of the myths, lies, and hypocrisy of comparative-culture, the best way to connect with PNM’s, the best exit strategies for awkward and potentially unsafe moments, how student leaders be better leaders by using empathy, and how students can raise the bar on their campus culture. We also find out her favorite restaurant in Newport Beach, California! Enjoy. Link: