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Do we have an accessibility problem in fraternity and sorority life for those with disabilities?

Welcome to our Town Hall discussion on Accessibility in Fraternities and Sororities for those with Disabilities. We have three expert panelists that talk about important issues such as the most practical way to address the issue of student in a wheelchair who wants to be a part of recruitment, working with students who have mobility impairments, the right way to market campus events to be more inclusive, ADA compliance in older fraternity and sorority houses, helping potential new members with social disabilities such as anxiety, spectrum, ADHD, and communication disorders, accommodation of learning disabilities in a new member program, large scale events on campus with sign language interpreters and captioned media for videos, policies for service animals, and ways to increase disability awareness on campuses. Thank you to our panelists Gayle Etchamendy, Sara Farnsworth, and Nicole Morse for all of your dedication to students with disabilities and for helping us bring the needed attention to this issue on college campuses. You are all brilliant! Link:

Adam DeRito: How can we prevent sexual assaults in military academies?

We interview Adam DeRito who enrolled in the US Air Force Academy in 2006 and eventually becomes an informant looking for misconduct from within the Academy. Adam was later a victim of a sexual assault and files a report of the incident with both the Academy and the local police in Fort Collins. Adam is then expelled just before graduation and the Academy asks him to pay a bill of over $200,000 for his education without giving him the degree that he earned. After enlisting in the Colorado National Guard in 2015 and then wanting to be a helicopter pilot in 2017, Adam found out that the US Air Force Academy listed several psychological conditions on his record while he was a civilian. You’ll also hear about his case in the US District Court in Colorado. Given this experience, Adam shares his advice for today’s college students that are victims of a sexual assault, and also what the military academies could do to reduce the number of sexual assault incidents. Link:

The importance of communication and relationships across councils in Fraternity & Sorority Life

Edson O’Neale and Mike Ayalon from Greek University hosted a session tonight called “Let’s Be Honest, We Need Each Other”. This was a conversation about the importance of communication, understanding, and relationships across Fraternity & Sorority Life councils. Thank you to our special guests including Jessica Snell representing NMGC, Clifford Temprosa representing NAPA, Jarred Pernier representing NPHC, Julenny (JuJu) Rodriguez representing NALFO, Tyler Parker representing Panhellenic, and Wakens Leonard representing IFC. Link:

Making Hazing History with Mike & Hank: Hazing in Professional Sports

Welcome to our next episode of Making Hazing History with Mike & Hank! Our co-host today is Hank Nuwer, the Author of Hazing: Destroying Young Lives, Wrongs of Passage, High School Hazing and The Hazing Reader. Today Hank and I talk about hazing in professional sports, including the NFL and MLB. We discuss incidents with Andre Royal with the New Orleans Saints, Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin with the Miami Dolphins, and Greg Jeffries with the New York Mets. There have also been players (such as Peyton Manning) and coaches (such as Andy Reid) that have worked to stop hazing incidents like this, while many sportswriters continue to dismiss these types of incidents as harmless. Where is the justice in some of these events that are borderline criminal, and what kind of a message are we sending to young fans that are looking to emulate their sports heroes? Link: