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Interview with Tom Murphy, Executive Director of Phi Mu Delta

Check out this interview with Tom Murphy of Phi Mu Delta! We talk about why he chose Phi Mu Delta at Susquehanna, his experiences working in higher education for Lycoming and also Monmouth University, his legacy in the fraternity, his strong connections with other fraternity brothers, the historic growth of the fraternity, democracy as a core principle of the organization, his past work as a member of the Governing Council of the NIC, and what needs to happen in order for fraternity to remain relevant and continue to grow. Enjoy! Link:

Interview with Ron Browne on Alumni Involvement

Check out my interview on April Fool’s Day with Ron Browne (yes, there is an April Fool’s joke at the start of the interview), our 15th episode! Ron is a former Chapter Director for the Sigma Pi chapter at Central Michigan University, staying very involved to this day. We talk about what’s difficult and what’s rewarding about the Chapter Director position, how news is distributed to the alumni, mentoring between alumni and undergraduates, how the chapter got a beautiful chapter house, what to do when your chapter is dormant, successful alumni events, what needs to change about Fraternity, and what he’s doing at Northwood University. Enjoy! Link:

Interview with Tricia Benitez on healthy relationships and addictions

Check out my interview with Tricia Benitez, a speaker for Greek University on healthy relationships and addictions! We talk about her challenging childhood, greeting all her fans on stage, what it was like during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the best and worst of getting people into treatment for their addictions, what causes addictions, how to get help for a fraternity brother or sorority sister, red flags in relationships, and the connections we as humans have with our pets. You don’t want to miss this! Link:

Interview with Caren DeCesaris on self-compassion, vulnerability, and connectivity

Check out this interview with Caren DeCesaris, a speaker who focuses on young women ages 15 – 25, as well as the founder of TheSoulSpeakCo where she runs coaching programs and events to create the change we want to see in ourselves and the world around us. We talk about the need for vulnerability in conversations, the relationship between food and your body, learning from mistakes, and releasing our judgement of our brothers/sisters. You don’t want to miss it! Link: