Mary Simeoli: What is the correlation between our fraternity values & sexual assault prevention?

Our next guest is Mary Simeoli, Esquire. She is an organizational development leader known for DEI transformations as nexus of strategy, policy, education, and culture. She is a constant study of evolving trends and best practices, with a commitment to data-infused narratives that resonate with key stakeholders. She has the unique ability to guide executives, board members, staff, and college students in highly matrixed environments with a focus on shared goals, operational efficiency, and compliance.

Mary is a member of the Massachusetts and Connecticut Bar, an experienced speaker and facilitator, and a certified Civil Rights investigator. She is prepared to engage in the tough conversations and trainings from compliance to conduct. She’s been given the gift of great mentors, she is passionate about leadership and development, and she’s a loyal sister of Alpha Delta Pi sorority where the motto is: “We live for each other”.

In episode 355 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Mary decided to go to Quinnipiac University, why she joined (and stayed) at Alpha Delta Pi sorority, what it was like working as a Leadership Consultant for Alpha Delta Pi, what made her want to practice law, what is Title IX, how campuses can better engage with students in crisis utilizing trauma-informed practices, what are Title IX adjudicative processes and why that’s so important to follow, what is the correlation between our fraternity/sorority values and commitments to sexual assault prevention on our campus, and when the new regulations are coming from the Federal Government on Title IX policies. Enjoy!



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