Ron Tank: How do we prevent gambling in the stock market for college students?

Ron Tank is the author of “The Moses of Wall Street” and Founder of the Triple Tank System, the only investing system created from a biblical truth. Known to his friends and clients simply as Tank. He also teaches new and experienced investors on how to eliminate risk and maximize returns in the stock market to become “Bulletproof Investors!” As a Sunday school teacher and expert investor, Ron offers an extremely unique combination of field-proven strategy, real-life tested biblical advice, and a proven system that investors need to be successful in today’s financial markets.

In episode 354 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Ron chose Ohio University for his undergraduate experience, what made Ron and his younger brother quit their jobs and go into investing full time in 1995, how he turned $40,000 into $1.4 million dollars in profit in the stock market (a 3,460% gain) and then featured in Investor’s Business Daily, how we prevent gambling in the stock market, how he knows when to sell, what are some of the 10 commandments of the successful investor, what are the money myths that stop me from achieving financial independence, what is the one mistake that could postpone my retirement by 5 to 10 years, and what is the most meaningful part of being an Adult Sunday School Teacher for almost 14 years. Enjoy!