Carrie Anton: How can college students brainstorm ideas effectively to solve problems?

Welcome to episode #29 of Fraternity Foodie! On this episode, we get to speak with Carrie Anton, Chief Wonder Woman at her own company called Wonder: An Idea Studio. We talk to her about her undergraduate experience at University of Wisconsin-Madison, her time as an editor for a big company like American Girl, the different services she offers today at her own company, the book she recently co-authored called “Me, Myself & Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Brainstorming Solo”, how to inject creativity into tired philanthropy events or community service events, how to create stronger connections with your community and members, changing the Greek narrative with the media to a more positive one, how to brainstorm solutions in large groups, how to be a leader in your student organization, and where to go for food in Madison. Don’t miss this!

Check out the video here: