Gavin Frye: How do we keep family relationships intact with disagreements on religion or politics?

Our next guest is Gavin Frye. Gavin is a licensed marriage and family psychotherapist since 1983 with a wealth of experience facilitating transformational work with individuals, couples and entrepreneurial leaders. His specialty is supporting people in the midst of fertile life transition. He served on faculty for 16 years at the University of Santa Monica in California from 1987-2002, co-facilitating the pioneering Masters Degree program in Spiritual Psychology. Gavin has experience designing and facilitating a wide range of transformational workshops.

In episode 304, we find out how Gavin was able to get through all the trauma he experienced as a child, why the University of Santa Monica is such a special place, why authenticity is actually our greatest and most untapped resource, how men can embrace vulnerability and courage in relationships, an example of authentic leadership in an organization and the benefits, how we can keep our family relationships intact when we have disagreements on religion or politics, how we can be uplifted by the news currently, what is the secret to a vibrant relationship, and how we successfully return back to in-person teaching, relationships, and real-world interactions after so much time away during the pandemic. Enjoy!