John Hatfield: Can fraternities/sororities adapt and continue to succeed for the next century?

Our next guest is John Hatfield. John a savvy, innovative leader with extensive experience communicating vision and strategic direction by creating scalable and effective learning solutions with delivery to diverse national and international audiences across all levels of organizations, affiliations and associations. His ability to streamline organizational production through the restructuring of policies and procedures, operations, finances, and team productivity is his calling. John maintains an uncompromising focus on high quality standards and bottom-line improvements. Creating and maintaining culture change within companies and organizations is his passion. He’s got exceptional academic qualifications including a Master of Arts in Educational Psychology – Leadership & College Student Development. In his free time John enjoys hiking, hitting the gym, adventure, traveling, reading, working with fraternities, and spending time with his amazing kids.

In episode 303 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why John chose Kansas State University for his undergraduate experience, what made him want to join Sigma Alpha Epsilon, how he’s able to address the culture of an organization, why international service is so important, how he recruits the parents as part of fraternity recruitment, what is BraveManSociety, how Kansas State is bringing the fraternity and sorority community back under the University umbrella, can fraternities and sororities adapt/change, and the best restaurants in Manhattan, Kansas. Enjoy!