Gopi Nair: Why it is so important to practice gratitude daily?

Gopi Nair is a Gratitude Practitioner. Gopi’s mission in life is to inspire the world, one person at a time. A world that is mired in utter negativity, the only hope is Gratitude. Gratitude can erase negativity from every human mind, like the light removing darkness! Gopi believes that Gratitude is a panacea for all human suffering, caused by health, financial and social problems. Once you start practicing Gratitude, your mind is focused in the present and is assured of the ultimate joy in life.

In episode 302 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out what it was like for Gopi to grow up in Kerala, India, why he decided to migrate to the United States, what makes a successful salesman, why it’s so important to practice gratitude daily, why he believes that in order to change the conditions you need to change your thoughts, what are some techniques we can use when emotions run high, how you can avoid burnout, how we can eliminate the negative thoughts in our head, how we can create a culture of happiness in our lives, and what is Gopi’s Gratitude Journal. Enjoy!