Jodi Wellman: How can we learn to love the worst day of the week (Monday)?

Do you know how many Mondays you have left… in life? You get 4,000 on average, and while the bad news is that you’re totally going to kick the bucket, the good news is there’s still time to live before you die. Learn how your mortality can motivate you to make the most of your precious time above ground. Time’s ticking. Jodi Wellman is a leading authority on living lives worth living. As a speaker and facilitator, she helps her clients live squander-free lives while they’re lucky enough to still be above ground — while cleverly beginning with the “big end” in mind. She named her business Four Thousand Mondays because it shines the light on the finite number of weeks we have to live like we mean it. Jodi holds a Master’s of Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, where she is also an Assistant Instructor. As a certified coach with 25 years of corporate leadership experience, she helps executives, teams, and high performers work well and live even better.

In episode 301 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out what Jodi learned as a corporate executive for Bally Total Fitness for over seven years, what made her want to go back to UPenn for a Master’s Degree, how many Mondays Jodi has left and why is that the key to living the liveliest version of your life, how we can start to live again after the pandemic, how regrets help wake you up to the life you really want to be living, ways that we are boring ourselves to death with our habits and routines, whether college students should be thinking about their legacy in life, what we can do if the organization we belong to doesn’t have the vitality and the deeper meaning that we expected it to have, and how we can learn to love the worst day of the week (Monday). Enjoy!