Alpha Tau Omega helps with Sexual Assault Prevention on campus


Alpha Tau Omega at University of New Mexico had a really interesting display on campus that brought more awareness to the issue of Sexual Assault on college campuses. They arranged more than 3,000 cups on campus to visually show how many students on campus who will experience Sexual Assault in their lifetime. Red cups signified women, and the blue cups signified men. Also, they used red solo cups to bring the connection that in 90 percent of these cases, alcohol is involved.

If you watch this video in the news story, you’ll see that Alpha Tau Omega also did a great job in making their awareness campaign go viral by using hash tags in their event and a way to photograph participants in such a way that it’s easy to share on social media sites like Facebook and Instragram.

Think about how you can build a peer to peer awareness campaign on your campus, so that the Greeks are the ones educating the rest of the campus community on either consent or bystander intervention. Better yet, bring me in to have a conversation about definitions, consent on a college campus, and steps for bystander intervention with your campus community today! I’d love to share more ideas that have worked to start the conversation on college campuses across North America and help make a difference.