Alpha Phi Omega Shaves Heads To Raise Money For Childhood Cancer Research


Congratulations to Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity at Oklahoma University for their philanthropy to benefit St. Baldrick’s on November 4th. Every family is affected by cancer in some way, and my own family is certainly no exception.  The money that Alpha Phi Omega raises will go towards childhood cancer research, and the hair that is collected on campus will go towards wigs for people affected by cancer.

The photos and hashtags #baldisbeautiful is another great addition to this event that is sure to draw lots of awareness on campus. Buttons that members will be wearing that displays “every 3 minutes” to signify how often a child is diagnosed with cancer in the United States is another powerful message. It’s just another way to show the values of Alpha Phi Omega to the entire campus community, and attract others that believe in working together towards a common cause. Will this event have deep meaning for the members of Alpha Phi Omega and bring them closer as an organization? Absolutely. Is it the right type of message to send to the students at Oklahoma University about what Greek letter organizations are all about? Absolutely. We can make a difference!