Haunted House by Sigma Pi and Kappa Alpha Theta for philanthropy


This idea is one that more fraternities/sororities should look at. When done well, it’s a recurring event that you can brand and hold annually to engage the student body and raise money for a good cause. In this article, you can see that Sigma Pi and Kappa Alpha Theta at Penn State University was raising money for the Amazing Day Foundation (Suicide Awareness) and Court Appointed Special Advocates (support for abused and neglected children).

I love the fact that we had a partnering of a fraternity with a sorority for this fundraiser, as both organizations have a common mission to do philanthropy work, and more members are going to participate because you’re paired up with another organization. They did a great job in marketing the event through the Greek system, and then marketing the good work they do in the school newspaper. Halloween is a great holiday where many Universities are looking for a safe, fun, and engaging event to promote to students. Seems like a perfect fit, and a great way to raise money for the philanthropy that’s important to your chapter!



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