Anti-Racism and White Allies: What Comes Next?

This was a unique online event held on 6/11/2020 called “Anti-Racism and White Allies: What Comes Next?” in which we have a featured speaker for approximately 30 minutes, we then break into facilitated small group listening sessions for reflective dialogue, and finally we bring everyone back for a conclusion wrap up session. Only the general sessions were recorded, none of the small group listening sessions were recorded (intentionally). We must thank our featured speakers and all of our amazing 22 table hosts for making this event possible.

Dr. Kari Winter speaks on a wide variety of topics tied to gender, race, class and American literature and history. She served as director of the University at Buffalo’s Institute for Research and Education on Women and Gender (Gender Institute), which supports research on women and on the intricate connections between gender and other social forces, such as sexuality, race, class, health, age, religion and place.

Robert Lawrence Wilson is a speaker, facilitator, and writer with expertise in diversity and inclusion, multicultural outreach marketing and leadership development. Co-founder of the Culture Shift Team, he leads their diversity strategy development and training across all platforms and markets from higher education and non-profit to corporate.

Edson O’Neale is a speaker for Greek University. He previously served as the Director of Student Activities at Saint Leo University. In that role, he advised the Student Government Union Executive Board and was overseeing the Office of Student Activities which consist of the Campus Activities Board, Clubs and Organizations, Community Engagement, and Greek Life.