Thomas Helfrich: How can students foster an innovative culture in their student organization?

Thomas is the author of the “Never Been Promoted” book series and host of the “Never Been Promoted” podcast, a platform where he delves into the entrepreneur journey, discussing the process of unraveling, liberating, and igniting the entrepreneurial spirit. Thomas has earned the nickname “AI Nerd,” hosting the AI Nerd YouTube channel, where he showcases his deep fascination with and understanding of AI systems. Thomas’ professional path, which spans over two decades, includes consultancy, advisory roles, and entrepreneurship. Among the notable highlights of his career is Thomas’ tenure as the Chief Innovation Officer for a billion-dollar US-based service company.

In episode 381 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Thomas chose Indiana University in Bloomington, how AI transformed the marketing landscape, what is Thomas’ advice to college students who want to sell their own product or service after graduation, how can college student leaders foster an innovative culture in their student organization, how students can leverage intelligent automation to streamline their processes and improve productivity, what are the challenges faced by the CEO of a start-up organization, what are some tips on creating engaging content for different social media platforms, and what Thomas predicts will happen in the future of AI over the next 4 years. Enjoy!