Veronica Karaman: What is The Champion’s Way?

Veronica Karaman uses champion mindsets from sports to help unlock people’s potential. She believes there is a champion in everyone and it’s her joy and passion to connect people to their true champion identity and then equip them through her signature system, The Champion’s Way. Whether it is in sports (mainly golf), academics, personal leadership, or basic life-coaching, people often get results beyond their expectations in record time.

In episode 382 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Veronica chose Duke University, what it was like to play in the Women’s U.S. Open and win the TN Senior Women’s Open Championship, what is The Champion’s Way, how we can slay the negative self-talk in our head, how to improve parent-child relationships for peak performance, how competition and spirituality mix to reach your full potential, how we develop our mental toughness, and Veronica’s advice to a college student on how to create a successful college year. Enjoy!