Cristina Ramirez: How did you get through the worst year of your life?

Cristina Ramirez is a serial entrepreneur bringing her empowerment curricula to audiences everywhere – from college students to corporations. Her programs have been implemented across 41 states with over 10,000 individuals. A veteran of Wall Street and Silicon Valley, Cristina is an award winning coach, best-selling author, Ironman triathlete, and a USASA Snowboard National Silver Medalist. She has lived in Brazil, Chile, Morocco, and across the US. She speaks 5 languages and has been interviewed in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. Cristina is a widowed single mom, and when not on her computer you will find her traveling with her boys, hiking with her dogs, or cleaning the cat litter.

In episode 380 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Cristina chose Wellesley College, how she went from the girl at the back of the gym smoking pot to Ironman triathlete three times, why she took her career from Wall Street to Sesame Street, how a neighborhood 5K turned her into an entrepreneur, how she got through the worst year of her life, how she’s building confident children by allowing them to fail, how we sabotage our self-worth by looking at others, how we can increase profitability for companies by empowering our team with a growth mindset, and what are some success stories she can share in corporate settings. Enjoy!