Adrienne McDunn: How can we create a more productive team environment?

As President and CEO of Personalysis, Adrienne McDunn continues the legacy of mentor and Personalysis founder, James R. Noland, to support fulfillment and success in all aspects of individual endeavor. Believing that work can offer the opportunity to pursue purpose and passion, Adrienne empowers clients to contribute their best self and lead more meaningful lives. Minnesota roots and global heart. Dog shelter volunteer (despite her cat’s objection to dog smell). Considers black loose-leaf tea a transcendent experience. Will always make time for her Passion Project: Coaching Supervision.

In episode 379 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Adrienne chose the University of Minnesota, how students can build connections quickly in the workplace, how Personalysis can help people contribute their best self at work and lead more meaningful lives, how Personalysis measures against other personality tests that are out there, how we can create a more productive team environment, what are some tips for better communication in a virtual setting, how we enhance collaboration in our Gen Z groups, what are the differences in how Personalysis would be used in a corporate setting over a college student organization, and what types of people should look into the certification program. Enjoy!