Avery Arasin: How can fraternity & sorority members use an app to get dates for events?

Avery Arasin is a finance student at Auburn University and one day hopes to leverage his experience in working with a wide range of organizations combined with his Finance degree into a career in private equity or venture capital. Avery is the Founder of BAE Greek Life Dates, a new app for fraternity and sorority members to find dates on their campus to the various social events they are attending.

In episode number 214 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out why Avery is so interested in ecommerce, why he chose Auburn University for his undergraduate experience, why he decided to learn coding during the pandemic, where the app idea for BAE Greek Life Dates came from, how many users and campuses he has already, what the feedback has been from users, what lessons he has learned after building the app, what features he wants to add in the future, Avery’s advice to other college student entrepreneurs who want to start their own business, and his favorite restaurant near Auburn. Enjoy!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fv6FjjLJtlM