Ashley Monroe: When speaking to an audience, how do you make a real impact?

Today we have with us Ashley Monroe. She is a fierce woman, speaker, blogger, teacher, coach, and wife to her amazing husband Travis. Ashley LOVES coffee just like me, she works out here and there, she is a high school English teacher, and she has lived in Saudi Arabia, Spokane WA, and Charlotte, NC. Ashley is probably most well-known for Fierce Women’s community on Instagram and Facebook. She’s most proud of her online courses, her ongoing Fierce women Podcast, “Coffee and Conversation,” and her blogs. She is most passionate about speaking with ambitious women about how to overcome adversity in their life with a message of survival, fierce mindsets, and victory.

In episode #161 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out what was special about UNC Charlotte and also Central Washington University, how she (as a high school English teacher) helps her students enter society after graduation with a plan, what it’s like being a Women Empowerment Speaker and public speaking coach at Fierce Women LLC, why we don’t dream big enough, how she stays motivated, why public speaking is important for recent grads, tips for college students to improve their public speaking, workouts before a presentation, and ways to make a real impact on your audience. Enjoy!