Rebecca Murtagh: How will college students and their careers be impacted by Artificial Intelligence?

Our next guest is Rebecca Murtagh, a highly-respected futurist, entrepreneur, international speaker, coach, and consultant with decades of experience working with C-Suite executives, startups, entrepreneurs and large established brands across many industries from Silicon Valley and Fortune 500, to Main Street U.S.A., Rebecca is passionate about helping humans leverage Human AI and the Genius Within to innovate faster, turn goals and dreams into REALITY.

In episode 209 of the Fraternity Foodie Podcast, we find out if humans are going to be house pets to robots (should humans be worried?), how college students and their careers will be impacted by Artificial Intelligence, how come we’ve heard so little about AI, how we can future-proof our careers and businesses, how we can protect our human freedoms, how college students can achieve their goals faster with AI, how college students can adapt their marketing messages to appeal to virtual audiences in a post-pandemic world, what small changes students can make to their organizational websites to get more leads and more new students to join, and how we can make better videos that convert – getting students interested. Enjoy!