Robert Huffman: What is Movember and how can we get involved?

Check out episode # 35 of Fraternity Foodie with Robert Huffman, Head of University Development for Movember Foundation. We find out why Robert chose Florida Atlantic University, why he joined Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, how that led to other positions at FAU, why he’s working for Movember now, student success stories with Movember, how we can end the stigma regarding mental health with men, the signs that a brother or friend is struggling with mental health, what events Movember has all throughout the year (not just in the month of November), and where all the money goes once students raise the money on their campuses. We’ll also find out the best places to eat in Los Angeles, California, and where you can go to get more information about Movember. This is an incredible episode! Watch the video with this link: or watch it below.